Teen Kasia

White Capri Pantyhose
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The Dean of Mean Teen Kasia continues to amazing me! Now I am realizing how cute her feet are. She wanted to show them off, especially after going out and getting a pedicure and some cute pink toenail polish design. She also planned out her schoolgirl unifrom perfectly, she went with some shiny white capri pantyhose, which made it easy to show off her cute feet and sexy foot soles as well...

Notice, that Kasia got right to the point in this Face Down Ass Up University yearbook photo and video shoot. Free range titties, a plaid schoolgirl skirt, no panties underneath her nylon pantyhose, and bare feet.

One of my favorite parts of this set is when Kasia pulled her pantyhose up over her hips! (Both photos and video) That really messes with me! Especially knowing that the crotch of her pantyhose are nice and snug, cuddled up to that tight little pussy.

Collect 80 pantyhose photos and the 00:07:10 video for ONLY $9.95!

Teen Kasia
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TitleWhite Capri Pantyhose
StatusOriginal Release

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Teen Kasia
Teen Kasia
Teen Kasia
Teen Kasia

Teen Kasia
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