Teen Kasia

Giggle Jiggle Schoolgirl
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The Dean of Mean Teen Kasia does it again... yet another sexy and unique photo and video set for the yearbook here at Face Down Ass Up University. How does she do it without making a boring set? I believe the answer would be... that she is just herself, with no inhibitions what so ever! I will explain the giggle jiggle in the following paragraphs... read on.

When I first saw Kasia in her exciting and slutty schoolgirl uniform... I instantly became a lion, and she was red fucking meat! Fuck me! That's some seriously hot stuff there! The black and white theme of the outfit, the realistic blouse, the pleated skirt, and finally, what made the outfit exciting and slutty... the shiny white thigh high stockings and platform mary jane stripper heels.

So, the outfit was obviously really hot and I wanted to focus on the photos before shooting any video, but I wanted the set to have a real feel to it. So I dropped the Nikon, and picked up the Canon Digital Elf... this amateur teen model needed to have her photos taken by an amateur's camera, which by the way... I am glad I did... because I just love this picture set! I am glad it was already added to my collection as I shot it... :-)

With the photo set complete, including explicit and close up pictures of Teen Kasia's pink pussy, and well... the other hole too, it was time to grab the video camera. The video runs for 5 minutes, and begins with a full frame of just Kasia's lovely little titties... and guess what they are doing? Yuuuuuuuuuuup... jiggling, and yes she is giggling too! Hence, the Giggle Jiggle Schoolgirl.

And that is the video... I got Kasia's schoolgirl uniform off and nude as she giggled and jiggled her tits and ass for the video camera. Sidenote, watching her sexy little tummy as she tenses up and giggles and jiggles, is like watching her orgasm... it's kind of intense in it's own weird kinky way.

Add this set to your porn collection right now!

Teen Kasia
Set Data
TitleGiggle Jiggle Schoolgirl
StatusOriginal Release

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Teen Kasia
Teen Kasia
Teen Kasia
Teen Kasia

Teen Kasia
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