Number 12
Dildo Ramming
Dorm Room Dancing
Denim Thong
Teen Kasia
Teen Kasia
DOBAugust 8
Height5' 2"
Shoe Size6.5
Teen Kasia

Teen Kasia
83 Updates, 5,016 Photos, 97 Videos

phil-flash's Avatar Teen Kasia is a unique amateur model from Poland. The 18 year old's European accent and cute broken English are really hot to listen to, and should be on every beautiful girl loving male's bucket list. This dirty blonde has a tight teen body and a gorgeous face, which is accentuated by her uncommon beauty trait, the high cheekones. Kasia's most unique characteristic though, would be her spontaneous and extremely uninhibited exhibitionism, especially in front of my perverted camera. She is definately not like the other girls!

The first shoot was like tasting candy for the first time, and I wanted more! We shot for two days and produced seventeen amazing sets. Some of the titles include Jeans N' Heels, Stripping Nurse, Blow Pop, and Dildo Ramming. This girl just had fun in front of the camera, she smiled and giggled often... as well as fuck the holy shit out of herself. Thankfully, I pursued her for a second shoot... and we do get to taste more of this wonderful candy that is Teen Kasia. Read on...

Kasia is the most uninhibited teen that I have ever shot...

A famous photographer... phil-flash

Complete and absolute madness would best describe our second shoot. My wife at the time, was certainly contemplating my death for agreeing to pay Kasia $20,000. Talk about some heated arguements! I had prepared and organized sixty themes and outfits, all of which I had five days to shoot. Those were some of the longest days of my life, we started every morning around 9AM and somewhere inbetween 11PM and 2AM. We ate lunch and dinner together, drank lots of alcohol in the evenings, and shot almost non stop. I don't know how we survived this shoot actually, maybe some sanity was lost.

I hope you enjoy the tour, and keep this in mind... Kasia's entire collection of 83 photo sets and 97 videos for only $19.95 is quite the steal!

Kasia's Showcase

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