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Bunk Bed Bang
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Teen Kasia Face Wanna see my fuck doggie style?

Pigtailed Dorm Room Teen... Kasia

Our new foreign exchange student was failing in her English studies here at Face Down Ass Up University, so our compassionate Dean decided to allow Teen Kasia to do a special extra credit yearbook photo and video shoot, in order to help her get her grade point average up.

The Dean had put forth a few stipulations on this shoot though, he wanted there to be no staff interaction for one. But here is the most interesting stipulation... he insisted that Teen Kasia was to get fucked doggy style on video. His desire to see her taking dick was insatiable!

Kasia refused to fuck any of the faculty members on video, so the yearbook staff was forced to come up with a creative solution. They decided to try a suction cup dildo attached to a wall mirror on the closet door. Well, this did not work out, it kept unsticking itself. So they got out the power tools and drilled the dildo onto one of the bunk bed's posts.

This turned out to be a solid idea! That dildo was going nowhere, except right up and into Teen Kasia's tight pussy.

The sight of Teen Kasia in pig tails, hot socks, and platform sneakers... fucking the shit out of herself like a dog... has got to be one of the greatest things that has happended in all of earth's history!

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