Teen Kasia

Schoolgirl Stripper
50 Images | 3 Videos

The Dean of Mean Being a foreign exchange student from a poor country like Poland, Kasia was in need of extra spending money. So she dressed up as a schoolgirl stripper and was practicing in her dorm room here at Face Down Ass Up University. Because of her loud music, one of my Hall Monitors was able to gain entrance into dorm room #23 and document this entire episode.

The Hall Monitors were able to capture a photo set and a video of Teen Kasia posing and dancing like a stripper in her dorm room. They also convinced her to go down town to Club p-f, and audition for a job as a stripper.

My Hall Monitors were able to capture 50 sexy pictures, and a total of 3 videos. One video of Kasia dancing as a stripper, a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot, and lastly, a video of Kasia practicing her strip tease dancing at Club p-f.

The photo set is stunning! Kasia dressed up in a collared shirt, a pink plaid schoolgirl skirt that barely covers her ass, a g-string thong, white knee high socks and stripper platfrom high heels... OMG! There are a couple of photos of Kasia with her face down and her ass up that are spectacular!

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