Teen Kasia

Senior Picture Shoot
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The Dean of Mean Teen Kasia decided to wear a typical schoolgirl uniform for her senior picture shoot. You can tell she was feeling overly pretty in her real schoolgirl uniform, verses the usual... looking like a schoolgirl costumed slut. LOL! I particularly like the red and black contrast of her uniform, and those plaid over the knee socks complete with real mary jane's are killing me!

Kasia teases us in her naughty schoolgirl uniform with lots and lots of different and sexy poses. She moves her black lace thong to the side to show us her naked pussy and butthole as well. I am certain, that Mom in Poland is quite proud!

During the shoot, as usual... Kasia was playing her Euro Techno music, and as the shoot progressed, she started to get into it more and more. So for the video, she continues to pose and tease us by showing us her goods and dancing around on her bed.

The video becomes even more sexy, when Kasia takes off her sweater and those handfull sized titties go free range! When she turns her ass to the camera and grinds her hips... you will become confused... what should I look at? That sexy 19 year old back... or that little bubble butt of hers?????????? OMG, she's so good!

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