Teen Kasia

Poor College Student
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The Dean of Mean Before I can describe this photo and video set, I have to describe how I feel about Teen Kasia's naughty schoolgirl uniform. Wow! Amazing! Would you marry me??? I have to fuck her right now! Ok, now that the testosterone has released a bit of itself, I can write more clearly... LOL!

I dunno, what would you do if you were at the super market and this walked by you... could you handle yourself? Would you take a second look? Would you happen to shop in the same section of the store that she happens to be shopping?

I just love her Euro platform sneakers... they are so unique and so hot! Then the blue argyle knee socks, the blue plaid mini skirt, and the simple white long sleeve blouse.

Face Down Ass Up University's campus has been plagued with what we like to call... "Campus Creepers". These perverted male college students from nearby campuses invade our all girl campus and take candid pictures and videos of the schoolgirls. This set was confiscated from one of those campus creepers.

Watch Kasia show her boobs for money... and take her thong panties down to her knees for even more money. It's lovely, what poor college students will do for money.

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