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Pink Sheer Top
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Welcome to Club phil-flash!

This set ranks high on my personal favorite list. Kasia drops all of her inhibitions, and let's the music and her sexuality take control. I have not seen any model, or girl dance the way this girl does. Watch all of Kasia's expressions closely, watch her hit beats and rythms that make you hear new sounds in the song. This girl is amazing!

There are only 19 pictures in this set... I wanted to focus more on the video production.

I made Kasia dance two times so that I could shoot full body video, and an up close handheld camera angle. So when it was all done I could multi-cam video for an exciting viewing experience! I hope that you like the video.

The tape rip, it's 8 minutes in length and I did no post production editing to it what so ever. You get both camera angles, and a couple more clips that were not included in the original release.

Hips sway side to side