TitleDenim Thong
Release Date2015-09-23
Teen Kasia

Denim Thong
Teen Kasia

phil-fucking-flash avatarThe denim thong is quite the novelty... especially when the girl chooses to wear it with no panties underneath! Big props to Kasia for making this choice! Not that she would have chosen any other way anyway... it's pretty obvious that she could care less if everything was showing.

sexy belly animation
Oh Fuck! Just look at that!

I came up with this outfit all on my own :-) Well, I come up with most of the outfits actually. But anyway, I really like the black and white action, and the white earings pop! I hope you njoy the outfit.

I could tell that Kasia was having a lot of fun in this set. There were lots of leg open and leg spreading poses happening. I figured that you would like to know that the expressions on her face everytime I told her to spread her legs wide open were—that she LIKED it!

It is definitely a really cool thing to tell a girl to spread her legs, then watch her do it, and especially when she likes being told to do it.

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